Employees of water corporation

As an employee of the Water Corporation, you can join the Water Corporation Superannuation Plan (WCSP). WCSP is a corporate fund created especially for current and past employees of Water Corporation and their spouses.

As a member, you can benefit from:

  • Solid investment returns - top quartile returns for past 5 years
  • Additional contributions for eligible members - taking your total contribution up to 14.5%
  • Low fees from a not-for-profit fund
  • Personalised service located within Water Corporation
  • Competitive group insurance options
  • Having a fund for life
    • Make employer and personal contributions even after leaving Water Corporation employment
    • Access to Water Corp Super Retirement Options
  • Access to discounted financial advice, banking products and health coverage.

How to join

New Employees

Upon joining the Water Corporation, you will be given access to Water Corporation’s online onboarding portal. Within the portal, you need to complete the Australian Tax Office's 'Standard Choice Form' where you need to select Water Corporation Superannuation Plan (WCSP) as your preferred super fund.

After reading the  Product Disclosure Statement, print and complete the WCSP Application and Rollover form. This is all included within the onboarding portal but is also available on our website. If you don’t have access to this portal and would like further information about WCSP, please contact the Plan Co-ordinator on 9420 3008.

Simply complete the Application and Rollover form and return it Payroll to ensure your super account is set up immediately.

Be sure to take advantage of the additional contributions from Water Corporation if you're eligible. Find out more about receiving up to 14.5% contributions from under 'Contributions'.

Existing Employees

Existing employees can also join WCSP. To join as a member, simply read the Product Disclosure Statement and complete and return the Application form. If you wish to consolidate other super into this account, you should also complete the included Rollover form.

To continue to use another primary superannuation fund such as Gold State Super, you can join as a limited member to top-up your super and increase the size of your final super balance.

If you wish to have Water Corporation pay your superannuation guarantee (9.5%) into WCSP, please also complete a Standard Choice Form and return it to Payroll.

Are you over 55 and could benefit from an Income Stream product?

Income stream products are available in the form of

  • a Pension or
  • a Transition to Retirement Pension

Read the Product Disclosure Statements which describe the options and features of the Pension options.


If you are interested, please obtain a New Starter Pack from the Plan Coordinator (telephone (08) 9420 3008) or download the required forms below.