The Water Corporation Superannuation Plan (Plan) was established in 1997 and since then, its funds under management (assets) have grown from $7 million to over $450million, serving over 3,600 members.

The Vision and Purpose of the WCSP

The vision of WCSP is to sustain success and continue to be the superannuation fund of choice for all Water Corporation employees and their families.

Its purpose is to provide Water Corporation employees with a competitively successful retirement savings option.

The focus of WCSP is to:

  • Make decisions in the best interest of our members at all times.
  • Aim to continuously achieve competitive rates of investment return.
  • Offer low cost fees, insurance and ancillary services that our members value.
  • Provide a range of investment options to suit the risk profiles of all members.
  • Act with integrity and confidentiality in managing the affairs of members.
  • Provide members a superior quality of personal customer service.

More Information

The Water Corporation Superannuation Plan's Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) and Australian Business Number (ABN) are as follows:

  • USI: 16 095 780 345 123
  • ABN: 16 095 780 345

For specific information on how the Plan operates and the options available refer to:

WCSP's MySuper Authorisation

The Water Corporation Super Plan was granted MySuper authorisation by the Commonwealth Government regulator - APRA at the end of December 2013

WCSP continues to be the default fund for Water Corporation. This allows members to continue to take advantage of a well-managed superannuation fund, offering personalised service, value for money and strong returns.

MySuper is part of the Stronger Super reforms made by the Commonwealth Government to establish low cost and simple superannuation products.